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A full spectrum of technology innovation capabilities

As your partner in innovation, Innovax works with clients from strategy to execution bringing disruptive technologies to solve business problems. We work work it out, so you do not have to: strategy & process, architecture to solve and technologies to realize the architecture for disruptive products and solutions.

We work with our clients to better understand business objectives and in process assimilate technologies and solutions to bring about effective digital transformation. Our team memebers has 25+ years of experience each in ICT (Information Communication Technologies) infrasrtucture soluitons and advances in technologies.


The best way to build network is to design and architect it with flexibility, agility and operational simplicity in mind. Network disaggregation enables to do exactly the said, remove vendor lock-in, build agility and operational simplicity with choice of hardware and software while drastically reducing capex  and opex. While this sounds enticing, there is a caveat, not all network environment is suitable for disaggregation and choice of hardware and software requires handling of a pro.

At innovax, we have years of experience designing, defining and marketing disaggregation products and solutions. Built and suggested solutions for countless networks for service providers, enterprise, data centers and IXC/IXP/ISP. When it comes to network disaggregation, we are your best source for experts.

Edge Networks & Computing

Whether you are enterprise, service provider or data centers, edge has something for all. It gives new meaning to your understanding and experience of physical environment at home, offices, factories, cities, hospitals, travels and so on. Possibilities are endless when edge is designed and architected properly offer enhance user experience at low cost per bits. While service provider has more to lose from ineffective edge and lack of ability to provide enhanced service offerings, enterprise and data centers are equally at disadvantage lacking the ability to benefit from edge. Advances in wireless and fixed line access are unleashing new possibilities to engage with endusers in real-time with unparalleled service offering: thanks to Edge networks and Edge Computing. At innovax, we are specialist in Edge cloud, edge computing and network edge. Let us help you design and build “service oriented infrastructure” for edge bringing uninterrupted low cost per bit transport and processing closer to endusers enabling enhanced experience for your service offerings.


Zero Trust Security

Recent widespread data breaches have surely touched nerves of many including consumers and businesses. In fact, continued sophisticated cyberattacks are threatening a whopping USD$5.2T in business values. Your so called “impregnable” walls of perimeter defense can no longer withstand today’s onslaught, it is due for modernization. Consider building dynamic walls around your castle instead of mediaeval era static walls. Imagine dynamic impregnable walls that pop up when adversaries penetrate one area only to find themselves caged. This analogy is necessary to help you understand the threats and proactive defense required. We got exactly a plan that works, and people are talking about it. Let’s build a network infrastructure where devices and users are required to earn their trust to gain access to company resources. This is further enforced through policy, segmentation and isolation. At innovax, we provide vendor agonistic solution that lives true to it’s promises of building effective “Zero Trust” for future cyber resilient organization.

Blockchain & AI/ML/DL

The Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) that provides a way to record and transfer data that is transparent, safe, auditable, and resistant to outages. Blockchain has potential to be used in many aspects of IT infrastructure from data encryption to network level transactions. While blockchain provides decentralized data exchange and end to end data encryption, AI (Artificial Intelligence) bring whole new possibilities for IT infrastructure and resources. At innovax, we bring best of these two sets of technologies to help you imagine next big thing!   


Network Programmability & Virtualization

Software Defined Network (SDN) has different meaning to different people, some implies it as a set of software tools and applications to enable networks.  To us, SDN has completely different meaning it is a prelude to network programmability. At innovax, we take the notion of SDN and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to different level enabling service-oriented infrastructure and extending network capabilities to solve industry problems. We give new meaning to virtualization helping you to manage and share network infrastructure at ease while serving different offering to different sets of customers. Sounds interesting, let us talk.   

Extended Reality

Imagine what it will look like to live and work in 2030. Thanks to advances in immersive technologies that merges physical and virtual worlds, you may find yourself at ease to be virtually present in any parts of the world and experience the culture and environment as if you are physically there. Sounds like science like science fiction movie, well, it is a possibility that extended reality (an umbrella terms for immersive technologies) offers and reality is not far off.  At innovax, we are working with our technology partners to bring about the reaches of these technologies for your business enabling you to offer jaw dropping experience to your customers.


Data Management

You got the precious data to help you grow your business. Now what? Well, acquiring and analyzing just part of the story, we must have means to keep and use data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. This where many organizations fail to adhere best practices of industry allowing vendors to dictate the term. Eventually, it becomes more costlier to safe keeping data then to achieve business objectives.

Get a specialist on your side, we bring in depth knowledge and experience in data lineage, governance and security etc.  Let us help you to get vendor agonistics solutions for data safe keeping and management that is cost effective and efficient, moreover achieve the business objectives.