Technical Program Management

Innovax Technologies offer 20 years experience in mnaging Internetworking, IOT and SaaS Product Development and ICT Infrastructure Deployment programs. We bring technical insights and best practices of mix industry metholdogies to make program successful.
We are specilaized in embedded systems (involving hardware ans software such as networking equipment and IOTs) and Software and Cloud  Applications Development programs. From cradle to grave we work with you to make product development program succcessful.
Whether you are building Enteprise network infrastructure or data center, we work with you to suggest best breed of technologies and manage entire program to ensure that infrastructure meets your growing business needs.

Our Approach

We work with your clients to understand business goal, program objective, skills and processes. Depedning upon needs, innovax will offer skills and processes that are imperative to deliver the program sucessfully. We specialize in hardware and software development and ICT Infrasrtucture Deployments.

Product Innovation

Are you ready to innovate and build disruptive product? We can help, our innovation process framework will guide the development from ideates to market launch ensuring product's economic viability and market sucess.

Traditional Product Development

We got a PRD and now like to develop a product following standard product development metholodogies, trust innovax to bring sucess to your program. We specialize in emdedded system product development programs.

ICT Infrastructure Deployment

We bring your security concern at fore when devising plan for ICT (information Communication Technology) infrastructure development. Our concept is simple, bring "zero turst model" to ICT infrastructure deployment. We evaluate carefully your business objective for digital transformation and appripriate security measure needed to build and deploy ICT infrastructure.

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