Zero Trust Networks

Growing data breaches and increase evidence of state sponsored hacking makes it evident that traditional model of cybersecurity is not working. It is due to the fact that level of trust assigned to insider vs outsider and devices used to access the network infrastructure. In zero trust model concept of trust is eliminated for access from inside the organization or outside the organization. Instead, an opportunity is provided for devices and users to build trust based on the pattern and level of access they need.  Google first implemented zero trust model through “Beyondcorp” concept and since then zero trust has become a de-facto model to deal with increasingly sophisticated hacker attacks and prevent data breaches.

Zero trust is considered a strategic initiative rooted in the concept of “never trust”, always verify. At innovax, we understand the complexity of implementing zero trust model and work with our customers to implement the program in a phased approach.

The goal is to protect enterprise digital environments by implementing a range of technologies from segmentation to preventing lateral movement and enforcing strict policies at device and user access level.

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