Innovation Management

We take into context both endogenous and exogenous factors to understand organizational environment. Situational understanding greatly help to devise organization specific innovation capability maturity model.

Central to developing a innovation capability maturity model for an organization is the implementation of innovation process that considers ideates to product launch.

We work with organization to shape its culture and develop organization specific NPI process that applies innovation as the core of it's capability model.  

Our tactics include implementation of innovation culture and behavioral typology, innovation process and innovation capability model for entire NPI phase: Product Strategy to Market launch.

What We Do ?

We conduct situational analysis to better understand organizational environment and devise a plan considering endogenous and exogenous factors to help you to establish innovation management in your company. The program includes Strategy, behavioral typology, Process, Product, Technology and Market Disruption

Innovation Strategy

Timelapse created two main different logos for EVOLVE, one with the business units and one without, so they can better market themselves across different platforms.

Innovation Behavioral Typology

We chose black and white as primary colors to keep the logo simple and sophisticated, and put an emphasis on the interior design and portfolio pieces. For each business units, we selected a color palette made of lemon yellow, tantalizing blue, serenity, and apricot cream as secondary colors.

Innovation Process

From Vision to booking, innovax helps you develop and market disruptive products. Our innovation process will guide you every steps of the way from MRR (Market Requirement Review) to product planning and development.

Product & Technology Innovation

Product & technology innovation requires more than just brainstorming and a PRD. At Innovax, we go beyond traditional notion of Product & Technology development that analyses of market data and technology trends to determine market and product fit.
Additionally, we implement industry proven innovation NPI and behavioral augmentation to help you develop product and technology that creates market breakthrough potentials.

Marketing Innovation

You have developed a disruptive product and want to market it successfully now? At Innovax, we bring strangers to a happy customers in just five steps:
  • Analysis of market data
  • Story telling highly engaging contents
  • Digital Marketing
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM), and
  • Lead Nurturing

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