An Essential Guide to Zero Trust Security

An Essential Guide to Zero Trust Security

Cybercrimes have caused staggering financial losses globally putting USD$5.2Trillion business value at risk. Traditional cyber defense is no longer effective against today’s cyberattacks for which organized criminals and state actors are involved. The concept of impregnable wall is simply inadequate to protect your precious data, a more adaptive and dynamic approach is needed that requires all devices and users to build their trust in order to gain access to IT resources.
Re-enforce your castle with the adaptive “Zero Trust” Security.

Download this free eBook and learn the essential tips and techniques to deploy “zero Trust” security model without reinventing the wheel.

Use this eBook to learn:

  • Cyber threat landscape
  • How data breach occurs?
  • Why traditional Cyber Defense does not work?
  • Importance of adaptive “Zero Trust” model in Cyber Defense.
  • The core components of an adaptive “Zero Trust” model
  • Zero Trust Strategy
  • Mapping compliance framework to Zero Trust
  • Common tools and techniques including device and user level identity and trust management
  • Network Segmentation
  • Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)
  • Micro-segmentation

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