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We Bring Disruptive Technologies To Help Client Build Their Future.

About Us

We are a team of industry veterans driven by one common cause of innovating the innovation to drive business values by bringing disruptive technologies to help client build their future. At innovax, we care deeply about what we do and how it impacts our clients to achieve business objectives. We are a research driven technology consulting company with deep industry, Technology and ecosystem expertise in disaggregation, edge computing, zero trust security, blockchain, AI, extended reality, data management and OT/IT technologies.

Innovating Innovation To Drive Business Values

As your innovation partner, we help you assimilate technologies to build and deploy disruptive product and solutions. 
We research and bring best of the breed technologies to solve your pressing problem by helping to develop disruptive product and solutions. By keeping our core team small and working with a handpicked network of specialists, we’re agile and responsive, extending our creative reach while safeguarding the close, collaborative relationship that our clients value from us.

We accompany you unerringly to new Technology, products, applications or markets.
We are nimble, hungry, project based, relentlessly focused on ROI and we do world-class work with global clients.

Our Process

Our 4 Creative Steps To Help You
Build & Deploy Innovative Solution

Step 1

Problem Identification

Step 2

Technology Innovation

Step 3

Solution Validation

Step 4


An Essential Guide to Zero Trust Security

An Essential Guide to Zero Trust

Cybercrimes have caused staggering financial losses globally putting USD$5.2Trillion business value at risk. Traditional cyber defense is no longer effective against today’s cyber attacks for which organized criminals and state actors are involved. Download this book to find out how to build future proof cyber defense. 

Re-enforce your castle with dynamic impregnable walls through the adaptive “Zero Trust” approach.
Click on the book image or Click here to download it.